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While mobile phone mounts for vehicles have been around for years, tablet vehicle mounts are becoming a more popular option for tablet owners. Not only do iPads and tablets have larger screens, but they can also manage more complex tasks than most smartphones. This can make an in-car tablet holder extremely useful, especially if you need to manage various personal chores or business assignments while you’re out and about.

But what exactly is an iPad vehicle mount? To put it in simple terms, it is simply an iPad holder for your car. Whether you want to mount your tablet on your dashboard or interior windshield for easy viewing, or put it somewhere else in your car to provide better access to backseat passengers, there are high-quality options available to you. Additionally, there are many different styles and designs to fit your tastes, the layout of your vehicle, and your specific needs.

In today’s guide, we will cover everything you need to know about tablet and iPad car mounts. So, let’s get started!

Why Get A iPad Mount For Your Car?

There are a wide variety of reasons that you may want to mount your iPad or tablet somewhere in your vehicle. It could be for personal or work-related tasks. Moreover, you may have different reasons based on who will actually be using the device. Sometimes, it may be best to provide your front seat passenger with entertainment or use your tablet as a navigation device for the driver. In any case, here are some common situations and reasons that you might want to purchase and install an iPad stand for cars:

  • Taxi Drivers – Many taxi drivers depend on their smartphones to pick up passengers, stay in contact with the company dispatch office, and track personal earnings throughout the day. Having an iPad or tablet can make these tasks even easier, especially with a tablet that has a larger screen and more computing power. With a stabilized tablet, it is also easier for taxi drivers to take credit card payments via a square reader.
  • Delivery Drivers – Taxi drivers are not the only transport providers who can benefit from iPad vehicle mounts. Private delivery and transport providers like Uber and Lyft also require their drivers to use mobile devices or tablets to find passengers, communicate with them, and track their location in real time. As an added bonus, tablets can serve as a great backup device if the driver experiences issues with their primary device.
  • Emergency Vehicles – Most emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances have one driver and at least one additional emergency worker. By installing a tablet on the dashboard, all present workers can have access to the iPad to stay in contact with dispatch services, request additional assistance, or simply navigate to the location of a nearby emergency as quickly as possible.
  • Passenger Work – Even if you don’t work in a trade that requires a vehicle, it doesn’t mean that you or someone else will never need to work from the car. A tablet car mount can make it easier for front or backseat passengers to work on the go. Most mounts also make it easy to attach and detach the tablet as needed, so passengers can work directly from the mount or in handheld mode.
  • Passenger Entertainment – If you have a family, you know that long car rides can be difficult for babies and young children. Installing an iPad car mount in the backseat can allow you to put on cartoons or music to entertain your young ones while you drive. The same applies to adult passengers who may want to watch movies or TV to pass the time.
  • Driver Customization – For drivers with car consoles that are not quite as advanced as they could be, it can be beneficial to use a tablet or iPad to “modernize” many of the functions within the vehicle. For example, by mounting your iPad somewhere on the dashboard or console, you can easily use it to automate different processes and even keep track of different measurements and status reports related to your vehicle. This might include the engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel economy, and much more.
  • Backup Camera – Though you will need to purchase a camera that can be installed on the back of your vehicle, you can easily connect it to your iPad to create your very own backup camera. For vehicles that do not already have one, a backup camera can make it much safer to go in reverse without accidentally hitting foreign objects.

Car Dash Mounted iPad Holders

Car dashboard iPad mounts are some of the most popular options because they allow access to the tablet for both the driver and the front seat passenger. These mounts come in many different designs to suit your needs. For example, you can get an iPad holder that mounts firmly to the dashboard and keeps the iPad completely stationary, even when you need to make sudden stops or sharp turns.

Alternatively, you can opt for a dashboard tablet stand with a more customizable design that lets you change the position and angle of the tablet as needed. This can be great for drivers who want to check navigation instructions from time to time and front seat passengers who want to do other tasks while the driver is occupied. In any case, a car dash-mounted iPad holder offers a great solution for vehicle owners who want a versatile, accessible way to keep their tablets securely mounted to the dashboard.

Back Of Seat Headrest iPad Mounts

Having an iPad mount for the backseat passengers can work in a wide range of settings. Perhaps you are an Uber driver who wants to add an extra bit of luxury and entertainment for your passengers or you’re a parent who needs to keep your children happy during long car rides. The latter is extremely common for families, as back-of-seat headrests are the perfect place to mount iPads or other tablets for children and backseat passengers to enjoy all the benefits of a tablet right in front of them. From watching their favorite TV shows to scrolling through their newsfeed, backseat passengers (particularly children) will be very happy if you have iPads mounted specifically for their entertainment.

Car Seat Rail Mounted iPad Holders

Though many vehicle owners may not know it, both commercial and passenger vehicles have rails underneath the seats. Though backseats may differ, the rails in most front seats are standardized, making it easier to take advantage of seat rail-mounted iPad holders. This type of tablet mount uses a multi-jointed arm to allow passengers or drivers to move the iPad to the correct height, angle, and position.

However, it is important to note that seat-rail mounts are generally reserved for truck drivers, delivery drivers, or non-working drivers who do not frequently have front seat passengers. While they can always be uninstalled and reinstalled if the situation calls for it, changing back and forth every time you have passengers may not be convenient. For this reason, most car seat rail-mounted iPad holders are reserved for people who use their vehicles for commercial purposes.

We hope you found our iPad car mount guide both useful and informative! Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad car mount for your own vehicle? Do you want a high-quality tablet stand to manage various tasks in your car? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

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