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There are dozens of reasons to consider using an iPad stand for both commercial and personal use. In many cases, business owners implement iPad stands to modernize their business and provide their customers and clients with a more customized, streamlined experience. However, iPad stands are not just about aesthetics or efficiency. Business owners also want to make sure that their equipment (tablets and iPads) are protected. For this reason, iPad security stands have become an increasingly popular option, particularly in business environments with a lot of foot traffic and easy access to tablet devices.

In fact, before the introduction of security stands, many businesses were reticent to have iPads or other tablets freely available for staff or customers to use in their stores. Why? Because tablets are high-value devices that can be easily damaged, broken, or stolen. This means that security and damage protection are vitally important for business owners who want to use one or more tablets in their store. Fortunately, iPad security stands greatly reduce these risks, making it far easier to use tablets without any issues.

So, what kind of protection do iPad security stands actually provide? What different kinds of designs are available? If you are in the market for a secure tablet stand, where can you find high-quality security stands at affordable prices? In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s take a closer look at what we mean when we refer to an “iPad security stand.”

What Is An iPad Security Stand?

First, it is important to understand the basic elements of an iPad or tablet stand. In essence, an iPad stand holds and displays an iPad while also, in most cases, mounting the iPad to a fixed surface. Some tablet stands do not have fixed mounts, but instead are portable, allowing the device to be easily moved from one location to another. However, the vast majority of iPad stands have some kind of mounting mechanism to ensure that it can be fixed to a desk, wall, or even the floor.

An iPad security stand has all the same features of a standard iPad stand and adds additional anti-theft features. More specifically, these stands include locks, security mounts, and cables to prevent them from being removed from a given area without the right tool or key. iPad security stands are frequently designed to offer better protection to the device, with greater resistance to impact damage.

It is also important to note that iPad security stands encompass a wide array of products and designs. Some stands are mounted to the ground and stand firmly in one place, with the tablet at a comfortable height for staff or customers to use. Others are mounted to desks or countertops using cables or even screw-in bases. Alternatively, some iPad security measures do not include any “stands” at all, but instead simple locks or anti-theft cables that attach the device directly to a hard, immovable surface.

In the sections below, we will examine some of the different options at your disposal, including the pros and cons of different iPad security designs and products.

iPad Security Cable Lock

An iPad security cable lock allows you to keep your tablet secure in a given setting. For example, if you run a retail shop that uses iPads for customer checkout, you will want to ensure that those iPads do not suddenly go missing when your back is turned. A cable lock allows you to easily and discretely anchor the tablet to a fixed surface (like a desk or checkout counter) while still allowing for some movement and limited portability.

With an anti-theft cable, you can have complete freedom to dock your iPad in its respective mount or remove it as needed. So, if you want to have a customer fill out a survey or provide a signature, you can easily do it without risking the security of your tablet device. This is what makes anti-theft cables such a sought-after addition to iPad security stands. You get all the benefits of a traditional tablet stand with the freedom to maintain a certain degree of portability.

If you’re in the market for an iPad stand with a security cable lock, you can check out one of CTA’s desk mounts or security kiosks. Alternatively, if you don’t want a mounting device and just want to get a security cable for your tablet, you can opt for a locking cable with adhesive plate.

iPad Security Enclosures

Sometimes, you just want a fixed iPad holder that keeps your device in one place. You don’t want to deal with locks or heavy-duty cables; you just want to have a safe holder for your iPad. Fortunately, a tablet security enclosure makes this possible by keeping your iPad inside of a fixed space. This way, people cannot simply grab the tablet and walk away. Instead, they can only interact with it by touching the screen.

iPad security enclosures may not offer the same degree of protection as an anti-theft cable, as someone could theoretically walk off with the entire enclosure if it is not fixed to a surface using a mounting device or cable. However, a secure iPad enclosure does offer greater protection against fall damage. Additionally, it makes it less likely that you will lose your iPad or tablet to theft, although it is not always a fool-proof solution.

Dual Security iPad Stands

When you want to have maximum security for your tablet, you cannot go wrong with a dual security iPad stand. As the name implies, this form of iPad stand provides anti-theft and anti-impact security via two different mechanisms. Typically, a dual security stand has an enclosure to make the iPad less susceptible to damage, while also including a locking cable or mounting mechanism to keep it anchored to one place.

Free-standing iPad holders always come with the risk of being stolen, which is why a fixed mount is a far more secure option. Whether you have it mounted to the floor, the wall, or a horizontal surface (like a desk or table), you can rest easy knowing that the combination of a secure enclosure and an anti-theft lock or cable is keeping your tablet completely protected.

The design of your iPad stand will determine exactly how you can protect and access your device. Some stands use a lock and key mechanism (in addition to an enclosure), while others use a screw-in cable and mounting plate. Either way, dual security iPad stands offer the best security option for most business owners.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, an iPad security stand is far more than a simple clasp to keep your tablet in one place. There are various designs and security measures that can be implemented to ensure that your device is theft-proof and far less likely to be damaged by being dropped or mishandled. Additionally, many iPad security stands are sleek and modern in their design, allowing you to improve the overall look of your business, make business processes more efficient, and keep your commercial equipment safe — all at the same time!

We hope you found our iPad security stands guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad security stand for your business? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

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