CTA & COVID-19: Paving the way during Pandemic

CTA Digital has led the way, solving many problems and providing innovative solutions during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our Sanitizing Solutions have aided industries especially in healthcare and helped create a
comfortable and clean environment. CTA has helped reshape hospital infrastucture and contributed a large role in the telehealth space during this time.

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Allina Health teaming up with CTA digital products to tackle Covid-19 pandemic in hospitals and clinics

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota hospitals and clinics continue to find new, creative ways to protect health care workers and patients, while preserving personal protective equipment. Allina Health is now taking a virtual approach to limit exposure to COVID-19. On a mostly deserted floor in an Allina Health building, you’ll find a “sea of stands.” Tom Bethke believes each one of these will play a role in fighting COVID-19.

“The initial reports are that it’s useful, it’s easy to use,” Tom Bethke, of Allina Health, said.

The stands hold Android tablets. They are in about 100 emergency rooms right now, and eventually they could be in more tPreview (opens in a new tab)han 600 rooms across the Allina Health system. They got the idea just two weeks ago when doctors and nurses were looking for ways to cut down on room visits and save masks, gloves and gowns, all while staying close to patients. A half-hour visit on a tablet could greatly reduce risk.

“Start doing the math and it adds up very quickly every day. That’s protecting our staff, doctors and patients as well,” Brad Myrvold, of Allina Health, said.

Doctors and nurses work in a kiosk on each floor where the online rooms are located. When the provider logs in to a room number, they can virtually talk face to face.

“We can deploy this widely, so if there is a sudden surge in demand for beds and PPE, this should help a lot in reducing the usage a lot,” Bethke said.

Volunteers helped put the tablet stands together, turning conference rooms into little factories, and doing months’ worth of work in less than two weeks.

“When you see what the people in the emergency departments are facing, people want to help and they volunteer immediately,” Bethke said.

Allina says they hope to eventually put tablets in all hospital rooms.

Reported by John Lauritsen

Source: https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/03/31/coronavirus-in-minnesota-allina-healths-tablet-stands-could-help-preserve-ppe-supplies/

CTA’s Newest Line of Tablet Cases are Splash-proof, Shock-proof and Secure

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Max portability and exception functionality sum up what CTA Digital’s Security Case with Kickstand and Anti-Theft Cable offers making it an invaluable accessory for tradeshows, conference rooms, classrooms, restaurants, and doctor’s offices. Your tablet stays protected with a galvanized steel anti-theft cable, which snaps easily onto the case rear locking it shut, and attaches at the other end to any permanent fixture. The case features openings for all cameras, ports, and jacks, while a rugged outer silicone jacket offers impact protection. This clever case is also outfitted with a convenient folding kickstand for impromptu display setup.

Based off of a classic design, the Protective Case with Built-in 360 Degree Rotatable Grip Kickstand and Hand Strap keeps your iPad shielded from collisions and falls. Its durable, rugged frame gives you heavy-duty impact shielding without compromising on usability. Also included is a foldout kickstand for fast, easy tabletop display options as well as a resizable hand strap.

CTA Digital Exhibiting at 2020 CES Trade Show

Another year, another successful trade show for CTA Digital. It was great to see everyone and see you next year!


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