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Have you ever wanted to display your iPad at eye level for a presentation, tradeshow, event, or even a regular business day? If so, you are definitely not alone. iPads and tablets have become an integral part of B2C day-to-day operations for many businesses. However, the issue arises when deciding exactly how to safely and effectively display your iPad. Fortunately, iPad floor stands offer an excellent solution.

While iPad floor stands can be fun for personal use in homes, they are far more common and practical for brick-and-mortar businesses. They can also serve various purposes at large events like tradeshows or business conferences. In any case, iPad floor stands offer a great way to view and display your tablet without the need to hold it or mount it to a tabletop for hours on end.

In today’s guide, we will look at some of the most popular types of iPad floor stand designs. Additionally, we will discuss how to use these stands to get the most out of your device. Finally, we will help you find the best iPad floor stands for you at CTA Digital.

Gooseneck iPad Holders

Gooseneck tablet holders allow you to securely place your iPad in an enclosure at the top of a versatile floor stand. However, unlike some stands that offer limited positional and directional adjustability, gooseneck stands give you the ability to move and place the iPad in virtually any position. This is because the “neck” of the stand is made of a firm but malleable material that can be curved and set in any direction.

Thus, an iPad gooseneck stand is designed for optimal customization. The best gooseneck stands also come with height adjustable features, ensuring that you can make your iPad visible and accessible to anyone and everyone. In short, gooseneck iPad stands give you everything you need to display your iPad while still having ample control over its position and the look of your tablet display.

Anti-Theft iPad Floor Stands

If you want to use your iPad for business purposes, you will certainly want an iPad holder or stand with anti-theft features. Allowing staff and customers unlimited access to valuable tablet devices can increase the risk of theft, so ensuring that your iPad is safe at all times is a must. Thankfully, most modern iPad floor stands come with multiple security features.

For example, the enclosure of an anti-theft iPad stand should have a strong exterior that cannot easily be cracked or broken. As an added security, the enclosure should have some kind of lock and key mechanism to ensure that only someone with the key can remove the iPad from the stand. Finally, the entire stand should have a strong security cable or mounting options so that it can be firmly secured to the floor, making it virtually impossible to move without the right tools.

iPad Floor Stands With Shelves

Not all iPad floor stands just hold an iPad or similar tablet. In fact, there are many rolling and stationary floor stands with shelves that can serve multiple functions. These are especially common to see in the healthcare industry, as a mobile iPad floor stand with a basket or shelves can help doctors and nurses attend to patients in different locations with greater efficiency. The additional storage space of a medical workstation can be used to store sanitary materials, patient records, stethoscopes, and other small medical devices.

However, just because an iPad floor stand can move on wheels or store more items does not mean that it has to be used in a hospital or clinic. You can also benefit from an iPad floor stand with shelves in other businesses and industries. Adding storage space to your floor stand simply makes it easier to accomplish a wide range of tasks while also keeping your iPad securely attached to a standing or mobile workstation.

iPad Floor Stands With Wheels

As previously mentioned, many medical professionals use rolling iPad floor stands to move throughout a clinic or hospital with their medical workstation. However, if you just want a standard tablet floor stand with wheels, this allows you to have your iPad on the move, ensuring that you can use it for a wide range of functions.

If you want to have your iPad set up at the entrance for customers to sign in, you can do so. When customers are ready to checkout, you can just move the rolling iPad stand to the checkout area and complete transactions as needed. No matter how you choose to use your iPad, a floor stand with wheels makes it much easier to take advantage of your device in virtually any location.

Floor Stand Branding

Finally, you should not consider implementing a tablet or iPad floor stand without thinking about the potential branding opportunities. Consumers want to see businesses that have shifted their processes into the modern era. iPad floor stands offer a great way to make your business look and feel more modern, while also making various business processes easier and more efficient.

For example, you can establish multiple iPad “stations” to serve different purposes within your store. One or two can allow customers to find information about products and services that you offer, while you can also set up floor stand iPad stations at checkout to quickly finalize purchases. All of these elements signal to consumers that your business is modern, efficient, and tech-savvy.

However, these are not the only ways to improve your branding with tablet floor stands. In addition to their appeal as modern displays, you can also use the stands themselves to reflect the tone and image of your business. You can customize your floor stand to include your business name, logo, or other pertinent information.

Moreover, each iPad gives you nearly limitless opportunities to showcase different elements of your business. You can use iPad displays to showcase videos of your products or services in action. Alternatively, you can have iPads that show timely sales or event information. If you don’t want to go to the extra effort of creating branding material just for your iPad stands, you can also just have one or more iPads display your business name or logo. This is by far the fastest and simplest way to improve your branding and make your store more visually appealing at the same time!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use iPad floor stands to your advantage. Again, you can always use them in the comfort of your own home, but they can do so much more if you want to improve your business. From speeding up checkout to enhancing your branding, iPad floor stands can help you accomplish a wide array of goals without breaking the bank. It all comes down to what kind of image you want to display to consumers and how you want your staff and customers to interact with your portable devices.

We hope you found our iPad floor stand guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad floor stand for your home or business? Do you want a high-quality iPad floor stand to make your brand really stand out from the crowd? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

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