Laptop Floor Stands Guide

Most people use their laptops while sitting at a desk or even sitting in an armchair. It goes without saying that laptops are far more portable and versatile than traditional desktops. However, many people do not realize that laptops can be made even more portable with the help of a laptop floor stand.

If you’ve never seen or used a laptop floor stand before, you probably have a lot of questions. For example, how can a laptop floor stand make a laptop even more portable? Is it safe to keep your laptop attached to a floor stand? Finally, where can you find high-quality floor stands for personal or commercial use?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons to use a laptop stand.

Why Use A Laptop Stand?

There are dozens of different types and models of laptop stands, each with unique advantages and features. That said, there are some shared characteristics among nearly all laptop stands that make them a great choice for both business owners and employees. Here are a few of the most common reasons people turn to laptop stands for work and leisure:

  • Customize Your Laptop Height and Angle – One of the main reasons people use laptop stands is to have greater control over the height of the laptop and the angle of the laptop screen. For example, if you want your laptop to sit at eye level, you don’t need to put it on a wobbly stack of books; you can just get a laptop stand to keep it at the precise height and angle you want.
  • Better Airflow For Your Laptop – While laptop tech is always advancing, most modern laptops still require fans to keep them cool. If your fan is covered by a desk or other objects, it could cause different parts of your laptop to overheat, potentially reducing the lifespan of your device. Alternatively, putting your laptop on a stand can ensure that it is separated from other objects and better able to maintain a constant flow of air.
  • Reduce Clutter In Your Workspace – If you’re like many people, you have clutter around your desk or workspace that can make it difficult to focus. By placing your laptop on a raised stand, you increase the space you have on your desk. While this will not completely solve your clutter problem, it will give you more room to work.
  • Make Your Laptop Fixed, But Portable – A fixed laptop ensures that you can keep working or using your laptop without it slipping out of place. At the same time, many laptop stands utilize wheels to ensure that you can move from one place to another without stopping your work.
  • Keep Your Laptop Protected – Laptop stand manufacturers know that your laptop is a valuable device. For this reason, most stands are designed to keep your laptop safe and secure at all times. Even if your stand falls over, many designs ensure that the base of your laptop remains enclosed in a hard case to protect it from fall damage.
  • Reduce Physical Pain – People who work on their laptops often don’t realize the physical toll it can take on the body. This is especially true if you work with the laptop in your lap or on a low-sitting desk. Working at this angle can cause back pain, neck pain, and even pain in your hands and wrists. Using a laptop stand is one of the few ways to reduce or prevent these physical ailments.
  • Minimize Eye Strain – Another common problem among people who spend long hours staring at computer screens is eye strain. This problem is made even worse if you are forced to work with the laptop at an uncomfortable height or angle. Customizing the height and angle of your laptop can make it easier to look at your computer screen without straining your eyes.

Rolling Laptop Stands

Rolling laptop stands are very popular among doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. This is because these people often need to access patient information for dozens of patients in a single day. Without a rolling laptop stand, doctors and nurses would either need to go back and forth between their offices and patient rooms or carry their laptops with them wherever they go. A laptop stand with wheels gives professionals the freedom to move around with all of their work still at their fingertips.

Laptop rolling stands are not just for doctors and nurses. If you work in any environment that could benefit from portable information centers, a rolling laptop stand is one of the best solutions. From retail to manufacturing, there are thousands of businesses that could become more efficient with the use of mobile laptop stands.

Height Adjustable Laptop Floor Stands

As previously mentioned, one of the most common reasons to use a laptop stand is to gain the ability to adjust your laptop height. Trying to work or even watch a movie with a laptop that is seated too low or too high is simply inconvenient. Fortunately, there are many laptop floor stands that are specifically designed to be height adjustable.

It is also important to note that height-adjustable floor stands are not just good for personal use. If you own a brick-and-mortar business, you may want to use laptop floor stands to allow your employees to better help customers with various tasks or quickly look up information. With height-adjustable floor stands, you ensure that all of your employees and customers can see the laptop(s) comfortably at eye level.

Anti-Theft Laptop Floor Stands

Finally, if you plan to use laptops in a space with a lot of foot traffic, you will want to make sure that your device remains secure. Anti-theft laptop floor stands keep your laptop locked into the stand. The type of locks varies based on the model of the stand, with many locks requiring a key to open. If you are the only person to hold the key, you make it much harder for someone to steal the laptop.

Generally speaking, floor stands make it more difficult for criminals to steal devices from your business, as long as the laptop is securely locked in place. For example, if you just leave a laptop sitting on a desk, anyone could take it and leave in a matter of seconds. However, fixed or mobile floor stands are far more cumbersome to take without someone noticing. Moreover, the locking mechanisms make it difficult or even impossible for a person to steal the laptop out of the stand.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, laptop stands and laptop floor stands can offer businesses and individuals better ways to use and display laptops. In addition to giving you the ability to customize the height and angle of your laptop, floor stands can make it easier for business professionals to manage everyday tasks. In short, if you think that you or your business could benefit from laptop floor stands, they serve as a worthwhile investment.

We hope you found our guide on laptop floor stands both useful and informative! Are you ready to start shopping for your own laptop floor stand? Do you want a high-quality laptop stand to manage various personal or work-related tasks? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Stands For Musicians

If you’re a musician who still uses old-school music stands, it might be time to bring your equipment into the 21st century. These days, musicians often use electronic devices like iPads and tablets as a part of live performances. Consequently, iPad music stands have become an increasingly popular product among musicians of all different genres.

So, what exactly is the point of a music stand for tablets? How does an iPad holder specifically benefit musicians? Finally, where can you get a high-quality tablet music stand? In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s take a closer look at why musicians use iPads and similar tablets in the first place.

What Do Musicians Us An iPad For?

There are thousands of different ways to use an iPad, but tablets and iPads are especially useful for some hobbies and professions. For instance, musicians can use iPads for a wide variety of music-related tasks. Here are just a few of the most common tools available to musicians with the help of an iPad or tablet:

  • Virtual sheet music – Keeping track of physical sheets of music can be a nightmare, especially if you have dozens or even hundreds of songs to use. Storing digital copies of your sheet music not only makes it easier to keep track of music, but you can also use your iPad to read sheet music during practice sessions or performances.
  • Audio editing apps – There are tons of useful apps to improve or manipulate audio in real time or during the editing process. An iPad can make it easier to use these edits without the need to carry around a laptop.
  • Recording music – Even if your tablet does not have a native recording app, you can find one on your device’s app store. This way, you can record music in the comfort of your own home or music studio.
  • Practice tutorials – YouTube has thousands of music tutorials to help you practice your craft. Whether you want to learn to play the guitar or you need to learn new ways to warm up your voice, you can use YouTube and similar tools on your iPad to practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Backing tracks – Musicians frequently use backing tracks while practicing or performing. Backing tracks allow you to play the basic track for a song and add your own talent on top of it.
  • Live-streaming – Many musicians connect with their audiences in virtual environments. Rather than organizing in-person concerts and tours, you can simply live-stream performances using your iPad and an account that can connect you with fans and music enthusiasts.
  • Monetization – Lastly, an iPad can serve as an easy way to monetize your music. You can record your music on your device, upload it to music streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, and begin making money. If you’re interacting with fans face-to-face, you can even use your iPad with a square card reader to accept card payments for albums and merchandise.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for musicians to take advantage of iPads to practice, improve, and even profit from their music. Now that you better understand how iPads and tablets can be put to good use, let’s see why iPad stands offer an even better experience to musicians.

Benefits of Using iPad Stands Over Typical Music Stands

Using a music stand for a tablet may not seem that different from using a traditional music stand at first glance. However, there are a few key differences between a standard music sheet holder and a tablet music stand that make the latter much more beneficial than the former:

iPad Stands Are Lighter And More Compact

Typically, iPad stands are way easier to store than traditional music stands. An old-school music stand is made of metal or plastic and can only be folded or deconstructed to fit into a medium-sized carrying case. Alternatively, many iPad stands are specifically designed to fit into small bags and be far more portable than their predecessors. This is particularly useful if you need to carry your stand around with an instrument, as a lighter and more compact music stand will make your job much more manageable.

iPad Stands Offer Better Protection

iPad stands do not just hold your tablet in the same way that music stands hold physical sheet music. Instead, an iPad stand holds and protects your iPad like a tablet case. This way, you are far less likely to damage your iPad while you’re practicing or performing. Not only does this make a high-quality iPad stand a worthwhile investment, but it also greatly increases the chances that you can continue using your iPad or tablet for years without needing a replacement.

iPad Stands Can Serve Multiple Functions

Lastly, just because you’re a musician does not mean you can only use your iPad stand for music-related tasks. Typical sheet music stands have just one function (they hold your music). Alternatively, an iPad stand can be used to show sheet music while you play, display your iPad to others, or even for recreational purposes. For example, let’s say you have some downtime between performances. You can use your iPad stand to watch movies or TV shows while you relax.

iPad Stands Are Usually More Customizable

While traditional stands have seen some improvements over the years, most music stands still use the same design that has been around for decades. They are stiff and not always easy to adjust to fit your needs. You can usually set the height, angle, and direction you want with a standard music stand, but if you have very specific needs, these stands will not do much good.

On the other hand, iPad stands come in a wide range of models. This gives you the power to choose exactly what kind of features you want and need. For instance, you can get a gooseneck model that can be set to any angle, giving you infinite ways to read sheet music and practice your craft.

iPad Floor Stands

iPad floor stands are commonly used in businesses to display product information or give customers a way to sign in. However, musicians can still put floor stands to good use. While some models are not as light and portable as others, these options still give you a simple and effective way to keep your iPad displayed at eye level. At the same time, many models allow you to lock your iPad inside an enclosure to protect against theft or damage.

iPad Clamp Mounts

iPad clamp mounts offer most of the same perks as a floor stand, albeit in a much smaller package. With a clamp mount, you can simply mount your tablet or iPad onto a desk or similar surface to keep it secure in one place. Many clamp mounts come with adjustable arms to customize the height and angle of your iPad as needed.

We hope you found our guide on iPad stands for musicians both useful and informative! Are you ready to start shopping for your own iPad stand? Do you want a high-quality tablet stand to manage various musical tasks? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

Choosing The Best iPad Holder For Your Bed

These days, most people like to use their devices before bed. This is especially true of tablets and iPads, as they make it easier to read eBooks or articles before going to sleep for the night. However, reading in bed is not the only advantage of having your iPad nearby. Even if you are just lying in bed on a lazy Saturday afternoon, you may want a way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows in comfort.

The same applies to more unique situations. For example, if you have recently had surgery, you may need to stay in a hospital bed for a few days or even weeks at a time. Having your tablet in a comfortable position can help you pass the time in greater comfort. For this and many other reasons, an iPad holder for your bed is a great way to access your iPad in bed without needing to hold it in your hands the entire time.

In today’s guide, we will help you look at some of the benefits of getting an iPad holder for your bed. Additionally, we will examine some of the different models to suit your needs and where you can find high-quality iPad holders at affordable prices. So, let’s get started!

The Benefits Of Hands-Free iPad Holders For Beds

If you’ve ever used an iPad in handheld mode for an extended period of time, you know that it can get quite tiring for your hands, wrists, and arms. Though most iPads and tablets are lightweight, keeping your hands and arms in the same position while watching a movie, reading a book, or just searching the Internet can make your muscles sore and uncomfortable. This is the primary reason to opt for a hands-free iPad holder.

If you frequently use your iPad in your bed, you will naturally want an iPad holder that works while you are lying or sitting in various positions in your bed. Additionally, your tablet holder should make it easier to manage various tasks from the comfort of your bedroom. So, here are some of the most common benefits of using hands-free iPad holders for beds:

  • TV & Movies – Nobody wants to hold up an iPad for the duration of a TV episode or movie. It is just not practical or comfortable. With an iPad holder for your bed, you can binge your favorite TV shows or watch movies at any time of day or night. If you find it comforting to watch TV while you are falling asleep, you can easily do so with a tablet, holder, as well as an account with a streaming platform like Netflix or Hulu.
  • Soothing Sounds & Music – Waking up and falling asleep to your favorite sounds or music can have a major impact on your sleep and overall mood. Having an iPad holder within arm’s reach can make it easier to control the volume, change songs as needed, and even set up soothing sounds to help you fall asleep after a long day.
  • Nightlight – While you can always opt for a traditional nightlight, an iPad or tablet allows you to customize exactly how much light it produces. Additionally, with an iPad holder, you can choose where the tablet sits throughout the night. This way, you can make it easier to go to the bathroom or get a glass of water in the middle of the night without turning on the lights or waking up anybody else in your home.
  • Work Tasks – Though it is often not recommended to work where you sleep, many remote workers find it more comfortable to answer calls, respond to emails, or manage essential work tasks from bed. With an iPad holder for the bed, you can do all of this with ease. Rather than holding your iPad with one hand and using your other to tap on the screen, you can use both hands to work and type even faster.
  • General Entertainment – In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, iPad holders that mount to your nightstand or bed make it easier to enjoy all types of entertainment. Whether you want to check the latest news or visit your favorite websites, you can do so easily by having a stationary or malleable tablet mount for your bed.
  • Home Management – By combining an iPad holder with the virtual assistant technology available on most modern tablets, you can turn your bedside tablet into a home management device. This way, you can control the temperature, lock the doors, check baby monitors, and connect to dozens of compatible devices around your home.

Gooseneck iPad Floor Stands For Beds

Many people assume that an iPad holder for your bed needs to actually mount to your side table or bed. However, some of the best options are gooseneck iPad floor stands. As the name implies, these tablet holders stand on the ground with a long, vertical arm.

At the top is a gooseneck connector to the actual tablet holder; this segment allows you to bend the direction of the holder to match your position. For example, if you are lying in bed on your back, you can bend the gooseneck so that the iPad is facing downward. Alternatively, if you are sitting up in bed, you can straighten the gooseneck to ensure that the iPad meets your eye line.

If you are worried about safety, you can choose a tablet floor stand with a secure enclosure for your iPad. This way, if you accidentally knock over your floor stand, your device will be completely protected. At the same time, you can still detach your iPad to use it in handheld mode in a matter of seconds.

Bedrail Clamp iPad Holders

Tablet pole clamps are designed to fit on sturdy surfaces like pieces of furniture. This also makes them a great option if you want to attach your iPad mount directly to your bedside. Bed and desk clamp mounts come in various designs that can adhere to the specifications of your particular bed. It goes without saying that you can use these mounts for all of the benefits outlined above, but iPad holders that mount directly to the bed are often best for people who need to spend some or all of their time in bed due to illness or mobility issues.

Wall Mounted iPad Holders For Beds

Finally, wall-mounted iPad holders are a great option for people who want to have a device nearby for a wide array of options, even when space is limited. Most wall mounts remain flush against the wall, saving space and making it easier to place them just about anywhere in your bedroom. However, you can also get wall mounts with multi-joint arms so that you can move them to the best position while you’re sitting or lying down. In either case, wall-mounted clamps are a great option if you don’t want a free-standing mount or a clamp that attaches directly to your bed.

We hope you found our guide on choosing the best iPad holder for your bed both useful and informative! Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad holder that fits your bed? Do you want a high-quality tablet stand to manage various tasks while you’re at home? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Car Mount Guide

While mobile phone mounts for vehicles have been around for years, tablet vehicle mounts are becoming a more popular option for tablet owners. Not only do iPads and tablets have larger screens, but they can also manage more complex tasks than most smartphones. This can make an in-car tablet holder extremely useful, especially if you need to manage various personal chores or business assignments while you’re out and about.

But what exactly is an iPad vehicle mount? To put it in simple terms, it is simply an iPad holder for your car. Whether you want to mount your tablet on your dashboard or interior windshield for easy viewing, or put it somewhere else in your car to provide better access to backseat passengers, there are high-quality options available to you. Additionally, there are many different styles and designs to fit your tastes, the layout of your vehicle, and your specific needs.

In today’s guide, we will cover everything you need to know about tablet and iPad car mounts. So, let’s get started!

Why Get A iPad Mount For Your Car?

There are a wide variety of reasons that you may want to mount your iPad or tablet somewhere in your vehicle. It could be for personal or work-related tasks. Moreover, you may have different reasons based on who will actually be using the device. Sometimes, it may be best to provide your front seat passenger with entertainment or use your tablet as a navigation device for the driver. In any case, here are some common situations and reasons that you might want to purchase and install an iPad stand for cars:

  • Taxi Drivers – Many taxi drivers depend on their smartphones to pick up passengers, stay in contact with the company dispatch office, and track personal earnings throughout the day. Having an iPad or tablet can make these tasks even easier, especially with a tablet that has a larger screen and more computing power. With a stabilized tablet, it is also easier for taxi drivers to take credit card payments via a square reader.
  • Delivery Drivers – Taxi drivers are not the only transport providers who can benefit from iPad vehicle mounts. Private delivery and transport providers like Uber and Lyft also require their drivers to use mobile devices or tablets to find passengers, communicate with them, and track their location in real time. As an added bonus, tablets can serve as a great backup device if the driver experiences issues with their primary device.
  • Emergency Vehicles – Most emergency vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances have one driver and at least one additional emergency worker. By installing a tablet on the dashboard, all present workers can have access to the iPad to stay in contact with dispatch services, request additional assistance, or simply navigate to the location of a nearby emergency as quickly as possible.
  • Passenger Work – Even if you don’t work in a trade that requires a vehicle, it doesn’t mean that you or someone else will never need to work from the car. A tablet car mount can make it easier for front or backseat passengers to work on the go. Most mounts also make it easy to attach and detach the tablet as needed, so passengers can work directly from the mount or in handheld mode.
  • Passenger Entertainment – If you have a family, you know that long car rides can be difficult for babies and young children. Installing an iPad car mount in the backseat can allow you to put on cartoons or music to entertain your young ones while you drive. The same applies to adult passengers who may want to watch movies or TV to pass the time.
  • Driver Customization – For drivers with car consoles that are not quite as advanced as they could be, it can be beneficial to use a tablet or iPad to “modernize” many of the functions within the vehicle. For example, by mounting your iPad somewhere on the dashboard or console, you can easily use it to automate different processes and even keep track of different measurements and status reports related to your vehicle. This might include the engine temperature, oil pressure, fuel economy, and much more.
  • Backup Camera – Though you will need to purchase a camera that can be installed on the back of your vehicle, you can easily connect it to your iPad to create your very own backup camera. For vehicles that do not already have one, a backup camera can make it much safer to go in reverse without accidentally hitting foreign objects.

Car Dash Mounted iPad Holders

Car dashboard iPad mounts are some of the most popular options because they allow access to the tablet for both the driver and the front seat passenger. These mounts come in many different designs to suit your needs. For example, you can get an iPad holder that mounts firmly to the dashboard and keeps the iPad completely stationary, even when you need to make sudden stops or sharp turns.

Alternatively, you can opt for a dashboard tablet stand with a more customizable design that lets you change the position and angle of the tablet as needed. This can be great for drivers who want to check navigation instructions from time to time and front seat passengers who want to do other tasks while the driver is occupied. In any case, a car dash-mounted iPad holder offers a great solution for vehicle owners who want a versatile, accessible way to keep their tablets securely mounted to the dashboard.

Back Of Seat Headrest iPad Mounts

Having an iPad mount for the backseat passengers can work in a wide range of settings. Perhaps you are an Uber driver who wants to add an extra bit of luxury and entertainment for your passengers or you’re a parent who needs to keep your children happy during long car rides. The latter is extremely common for families, as back-of-seat headrests are the perfect place to mount iPads or other tablets for children and backseat passengers to enjoy all the benefits of a tablet right in front of them. From watching their favorite TV shows to scrolling through their newsfeed, backseat passengers (particularly children) will be very happy if you have iPads mounted specifically for their entertainment.

Car Seat Rail Mounted iPad Holders

Though many vehicle owners may not know it, both commercial and passenger vehicles have rails underneath the seats. Though backseats may differ, the rails in most front seats are standardized, making it easier to take advantage of seat rail-mounted iPad holders. This type of tablet mount uses a multi-jointed arm to allow passengers or drivers to move the iPad to the correct height, angle, and position.

However, it is important to note that seat-rail mounts are generally reserved for truck drivers, delivery drivers, or non-working drivers who do not frequently have front seat passengers. While they can always be uninstalled and reinstalled if the situation calls for it, changing back and forth every time you have passengers may not be convenient. For this reason, most car seat rail-mounted iPad holders are reserved for people who use their vehicles for commercial purposes.

We hope you found our iPad car mount guide both useful and informative! Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad car mount for your own vehicle? Do you want a high-quality tablet stand to manage various tasks in your car? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Stands For Reception Desks

No business wants to make a bad first impression. When customers walk through the door, they immediately begin forming their own opinions about the quality of your brand. This opinion can be affected by a wide variety of factors, from interior lighting to customer service. However, one element of your business that every customer will come into contact with is your reception desk.

Not only do you want to have a reception desk that looks clean, modern, and professional, but you also want it to be immediately recognizable to new customers. For example, when someone walks into your business, you do not want them to have to wander around just to find a receptionist. Instead, you should have a centrally-located place that has all the necessary markers of a reception area. Fortunately, iPad stands for reception desks can help signify to new and existing customers where they need to go.

However, iPad and tablet stands are not just about helping customers find their way around. They also serve a wide variety of functions for your business, your staff, and your customers. So, in today’s guide, we will take a closer look at the benefits of iPad stands for reception desks and reception areas. Additionally, if your business is in the market for a high-quality iPad stand, we can help you find one at CTA Digital!

Selecting The Best iPad Stand For Your Reception Desk

Finding the right iPad stand for your reception desk will depend on the specific needs of your business. For instance, a medical clinic will have very different needs than a car dealership when it comes to checking in, recording information, and so on. Therefore, you will need to establish exactly what your reception iPad or tablet will need to do, and how an iPad stand can improve its functionality.

Here are a few important features to consider and what purpose they serve at a reception desk:

  • 360-Degree Swivel – An iPad desk stand with 360-degree swivel functionality allows your reception staff to use the tablet and then turn it around to let customers view or input information. This can be useful if your business uses tablets to complete purchases, as the customer can easily write their signature on the iPad to approve the purchase before the receptionist or cashier completes the transaction. It can also be useful when customers want to sign up for subscriptions or services, as they can input their contact information directly into your business database using the touch screen.
  • Anti-Theft Locks & Cables – It is never a good idea to leave valuable hardware lying around near the entrance of your business. Fortunately, with a quality iPad stand, you can get stands that can be attached to the reception desk or a similarly flat surface. Additionally, many iPad stands come with lock and keys so that the tablet cannot be removed from the stand by just anyone. Lastly, security cables are frequently used much like bicycle locks to keep your iPad stand securely connected to a hard, immovable surface.
  • Multi-iPad Stands – Some businesses require multiple iPads at reception areas to handle different types of tasks or even large numbers of customers at once. With a multi-tablet stand, you can have two or more iPads aligned horizontally or vertically, giving your staff fast and easy access to all of the information they need.
  • Splash-Proof Enclosures – While liquid damage is uncommon in most reception areas, you never know when a cup of coffee or water bottle will suddenly fall over and spill liquid all over your valuable devices. For this reason, iPad stands for reception desks are typically equipped with splash-proof enclosures that prevent liquid from seeping through to the iPad. This simple measure could ensure that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on new equipment any time someone spills liquid in your reception area.
  • Branding Opportunities – As the name implies, an iPad stand is specifically designed to make the tablet visible to people who are sitting or standing nearby. If you have promotional videos or ads that you would like to make visible to incoming customers, an iPad stand can offer you the perfect opportunity to help new customers learn more about your brand through looped video presentations, welcome videos, or photo montages.

iPad Floor Stands For Reception Areas

While iPad floor stands can be positioned near a reception desk, they are definitely not made to be placed on any surface other than the floor. So, while these iPad stands are technically not designed for reception desks, they can make great additions to reception areas. Like desk stands, floor stands can serve unique functions based on your available space and the intended use of your device.

For example, iPad floor stands are commonly used in larger reception areas to accompany product displays. Customers can approach the stands and quickly scroll through product or service information to learn more. This could be useful in a wide variety of businesses, from a bike shop to an electronics store.

Alternatively, floor stands provide a way for customers to check in without the need for a human receptionist. This can help save on labor costs or simply reduce the time your reception staff spends with each customer, freeing them up to manage other tasks. Additionally, floor stands have many of the same features as desk stands, including security cables, splash-proof enclosures, and optimal branding opportunities. As an added bonus, floor stands do not require a reception desk, so you can choose to keep your stand rooted to a specific spot in your reception area or move it around as needed.

iPad Wall Mounts For Reception Lobbies

Finally, iPad wall mounts can make a great addition to almost any reception lobby, especially if you are limited on space. Desk mounts require a desk and floor stands require floor space, but what if you don’t have the former and are lacking in the latter? In this case, you can use wall mounts to display iPads along the walls of your reception lobby. This way, you can save on space and still take advantage of having highly accessible tablets for your staff and customers.

In addition to saving space, iPad wall mounts are also highly secure. They also have a strong, splash-proof enclosure that is also well-equipped to withstand fall damage. However, fall damage is unlikely, as each wall mount is securely fastened to the wall of your business so that it will not fall or be stolen. Many wall mounts also come with similar lock-and-key mechanisms and security cables for added protection.

If you want a wall mount that offers a bit more versatility, you can also get mounts that allow you to remove the tablet enclosure from the wall and use it in handheld mode. This gives you greater mobility, especially if you have a specific customer journey that requires you to move from one space to another. In short, iPad wall mounts can offer your business a secure and space-saving way to display one or more iPads in your reception lobby.

We hope you found our iPad stands for reception desks guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad stand for your reception area or lobby? Do you want a high-quality iPad stand to make your entryway really stand out? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Wall Mounts Guide

iPad wall mounts are a popular option for business reception areas, lobbies, and sales floors. Why? Because they allow you to display pertinent information about your products and services, show off promotional videos or presentations, and create a more interactive experience for your staff and customers. As an added bonus, tablet wall mounts take up less space than many other types of iPad stands or kiosks. So, if you want to have a sleek, modern-looking business and you are short on available space, iPad wall mounts could offer you the perfect solution.

In addition to saving you space, iPad wall mounts also give the visual appeal of a high-tech business environment. Your tablet or iPad literally looks like it is built into the wall, making it a permanent or semi-permanent fixture in your business. Consequently, thousands of businesses are turning to wall-mounted iPads to help improve the way customers view their brands whenever they enter the building.

However, there are dozens of different iPad wall mounts, from iPad mini wall mounts to simple tablet wall holders. So, if you are in the market for something to hang iPads on walls, you will need to do a little research in advance to see which design best suits the needs of you, your staff, and your business. Moreover, you probably have questions about the features and benefits of wall-mounted iPad holders and similar protective products for tablets.

For example, what are the different types of tablet wall holders at your disposal? What are the best places to use iPad wall docks? Do tablet wall mounts offer enough protection to keep your device safe from theft, as well as liquid or fall damage? Finally, where can you get high-quality iPad wall mounts at affordable prices?

In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s look at some of the most common types of iPad wall frames and wall mounts for businesses:

iPad Flush Wall Mounts

As the name implies, iPad flush wall mounts remain flush against the wall. In other words, the enclosure that secures your iPad is almost completely flat against the wall, with virtually no space between the iPad flush mount and the vertical surface. Naturally, this type of wall mount is one of the best designs for saving space. Additionally, these designs often look extremely modern, as they can make your tablet blend in seamlessly with the structure of your business.

The way in which a flush wall mount attaches to the wall depends on the exact model you choose. That said, most flush wall mounts use screws to mount securely to a standard plaster or drywall material. It is also important to note that the type of installation process can also determine how much space is left between the iPad enclosure and the wall. For example, if you need a way to quickly install, uninstall, or adjust your iPad mount, some designs offer a little extra space (typically less than one inch) between the wall and mount to ensure that you can easily access the inside and outside of your iPad wall mount at any time.

iPad Arm Wall Mounts

iPad arm wall mounts offer a more versatile experience than a standard flush mount, though they typically take up a bit more space. A wall mount tablet arm attaches to the wall in much the same way as a flush mount, but the arm itself extends outward to the tablet enclosure on the other end. This way, you can move the iPad mount around to face different directions or remain visible at different heights. With an articulating wall mount, you can physically move the iPad to pan, swivel, swing, and tilt.

As you can imagine, a swing arm mount gives you a lot more customization for the placement of your tablet. Rather than just installing it against a flat surface and leaving it there, you can move your iPad around as needed. This is especially useful if you want to show customers information on the tablet, as some customers may not be able to clearly see the screen if it is fixed at a specific height and angle. Therefore, an iPad arm wall mount is the best solution for businesses that need to use devices in a variety of positions, while still keeping them mounted to a vertical surface for security purposes.

iPad Mullion Side Mounts

If you are unfamiliar with the term, a mullion generally refers to the vertical bar that stands between the separate panes of a glass window. However, it can also refer to mullion walls that have distinct corners or endpoints. These endpoints allow you to attach iPad mullion side mounts so that your device can extend out into the empty space and also create an unmissable visual display.

These mounts work by using an iPad wall bracket that attaches to the wall on one side. This creates a flat surface that generally aligns with the same direction as the wall. Then, your iPad or tablet can be mounted onto the bracket so that it can be easily accessed by staff or customers. Mullion side mounts are generally best for businesses with unique structural layouts that allow for iPads to extend outward from the wall, rather than remaining flat against the wall.

iPad Wall Mounts With Locks

If you want extra security to protect your valuable devices, it is best to go with an iPad wall mount with locks. These locks can come in a variety of designs and layouts, but most use a standard lock-and-key mechanism to keep your iPad or tablet secure at all times. Whether you opt for an arm wall mount or an iPad wall stand with additional space for a keyboard, you can typically find a model that allows you to lock up your tablet and keep it safe from theft.

Wall mount locks are often combined with anti-theft designs that make it physically difficult for criminals to access the device inside the enclosure. However, if you have the key or device to open the enclosure, you can easily remove your tablet whenever you need it. An iPad wall mount stand with one or more locks simply deters criminals and gives you peace of mind knowing that your iPad or tablet is nearly impossible to take off of the wall without the right equipment.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, iPad wall mounts come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can get wall mounts that have adjustable arms for maximum movement and versatility, or flush wall mounts that are tightly mounted against the wall to save on space. No matter what kind of wall mount you choose, just remember to do your research and get the design that best suits the needs of your business. Fortunately, if you choose to get your wall mount through CTA Digital, you can get a high-quality wall mount with a myriad of features to keep your iPad or tablet both safe and functional.

We hope you found our iPad wall mounts guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad wall mount for your business? Do you want a high-quality iPad wall mount to make your business really stand out? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Stands For Tradeshows Guide

Tradeshows offer businesses, startups, and individual entrepreneurs great opportunities to show off their latest products and services. They also give professionals a place to network with other individuals in their industry, increasing the chances of building constructive and lasting business relationships over time. Thus, tradeshows are all about making yourself and your business appeal to as many people as possible. Fortunately, iPad stands for tradeshows offer a great solution for people who want to make a great first impression at large business trade fairs.

But how exactly can an iPad stand improve your experience at tradeshows? What are the different uses of tradeshow tablet stands? Are table stands or floor stands the best option to meet your presentation needs? Finally, which products can help keep your iPad or tablet protected for the duration of a tradeshow? In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more. So, let’s get started!

Tradeshow iPad Display Stand Uses

Just bringing an iPad display stand to a tradeshow will not help you meet your goals or improve your business presentations. You have to get the most use out of your tablet and tablet display stand to ensure that you impress passersby and potential clients. So, here are a few of the best uses for an iPad display at a tradeshow:

  • Product Information – If you are like most entrepreneurs or representatives at a tradeshow, you have some kind of product or service that you want to advertise. Many people feel reticent to approach booths and ask questions, which makes an iPad display stand ideal to draw in more potential clients. Interested people can simply approach the iPad to find relevant information about your products and services, saving you the time and effort of answering the same questions over and over again.
  • Product Ordering – Once consumers know a little more about your product and what your organization does, they may want to become clients immediately. An iPad display stand allows you to have the entire ordering process setup and ready to complete transactions in seconds. Without it, you could end up missing out on dozens or even hundreds of sales during a single tradeshow.
  • Digital Signage – At most tradeshows, there are dozens of displays and businesses competing for the attention of event attendees. For this reason, it is vital to find a way to make your booth stand out from all of the other companies. iPads and other types of screens tend to draw attention, particularly if they are at eye level and easily accessible. Using an iPad stand can help make sure that your display looks modern and approachable to as many people as possible.
  • Branding – Consumers like to frequent companies that put effort into their branding. With an iPad kiosk or stand, you can include informational videos about your business, your vision, or even the history of your products. No matter how you choose to use the iPad itself, it offers a great opportunity to present your brand in a positive light.
  • Live Demos – Live demonstrations almost always draw more crowds. Why? Because people like to see things in action, as opposed to just talking or reading about what a product can do. With a live demo, you can show future clients exactly how your products or services can benefit them. An iPad and iPad stand can be an integral part of a live demo, even if it just allows people to sign up to attend the presentation.

iPad Stands For Tradeshow Tables

It is important to remember that iPad and tablet stands are not just limited to one type or design. If you want a small tabletop or desk-mounted iPad stand, you have plenty of great options. iPad holders for tables are especially popular, as they can allow you to fit your entire display in one place. Since most tradeshows only give a limited amount of space to each business or organization, desktop iPad stands allow you to benefit from sleek, modern displays and save space at the same time.

Having a tabletop iPad holder is also a good idea if you want people to come close to the table to ask questions and even make purchases. You can rotate the iPad to input information and turn it around to the customer for payment information and signatures. This can turn any tradeshow booth into a profitable business opportunity with just a simple iPad table stand. Even if you only want to display product information, having your iPad attached to the booth forces people to come closer, increasing the chances of more B2C interactions and transactions.

iPad Floor Stands For Tradeshow Booths

iPad floor stands look great because they can be part of a large exhibit that can draw in bigger crowds. Additionally, many iPad floor stands are versatile, with a gooseneck design to change the angle as needed. Nearly any type of iPad holder that stands on the floor is height adjustable, ensuring that anyone can see your presentation clearly. You can keep your iPad at eye level or move it higher if you have visuals that large crowds of people will want to view simultaneously.

Floor stands also have multiple mounting and holding options depending on your specific needs. You can have a lock and key floor stand for better security, or you can have a floor stand with a removable enclosure so that you can use the iPad in handheld mode whenever your presentation calls for it. Moreover, most floor stands come with mounting options at the base so that you can keep your stand secured in one position, or unattached in case the stand needs to be moved quickly from one location to another.

Protecting Your iPad Stand At The Tradeshow

Naturally, bringing an iPad or tablet to a crowded tradeshow may feel risky. You will not want to risk having your device stolen while you are busy attending people inquiring about your business or products. Fortunately, there are a lot of high-quality, anti-theft iPad stands that you can use for your presentation or booth.

The degree of security will largely depend on your particular needs. Some professionals are not as concerned about theft, while others see it as a legitimate risk at a tradeshow. In any case, getting an iPad stand that also offers enhanced security features is always a plus. For example, many iPad stands have lock and key enclosures, security cables to mount to tables or booths, as well as sturdy exteriors to prevent any fall damage to your device.

It is also important to note that security does not just refer to anti-theft measures. You also want to make sure that your valuable device is safe from any kind of damage. For this reason, it could be worth your while to invest in a splash-proof or waterproof iPad stand. This way, if someone accidently spills liquid near your iPad, you can rest easy knowing that your device will not get damaged.

We hope you found our iPad stands for tradeshows guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad stand for your next tradeshow event? Do you want a high-quality iPad stand to make your tradeshow booth really stand out? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Floor Stand Guide

Have you ever wanted to display your iPad at eye level for a presentation, tradeshow, event, or even a regular business day? If so, you are definitely not alone. iPads and tablets have become an integral part of B2C day-to-day operations for many businesses. However, the issue arises when deciding exactly how to safely and effectively display your iPad. Fortunately, iPad floor stands offer an excellent solution.

While iPad floor stands can be fun for personal use in homes, they are far more common and practical for brick-and-mortar businesses. They can also serve various purposes at large events like tradeshows or business conferences. In any case, iPad floor stands offer a great way to view and display your tablet without the need to hold it or mount it to a tabletop for hours on end.

In today’s guide, we will look at some of the most popular types of iPad floor stand designs. Additionally, we will discuss how to use these stands to get the most out of your device. Finally, we will help you find the best iPad floor stands for you at CTA Digital.

Gooseneck iPad Holders

Gooseneck tablet holders allow you to securely place your iPad in an enclosure at the top of a versatile floor stand. However, unlike some stands that offer limited positional and directional adjustability, gooseneck stands give you the ability to move and place the iPad in virtually any position. This is because the “neck” of the stand is made of a firm but malleable material that can be curved and set in any direction.

Thus, an iPad gooseneck stand is designed for optimal customization. The best gooseneck stands also come with height adjustable features, ensuring that you can make your iPad visible and accessible to anyone and everyone. In short, gooseneck iPad stands give you everything you need to display your iPad while still having ample control over its position and the look of your tablet display.

Anti-Theft iPad Floor Stands

If you want to use your iPad for business purposes, you will certainly want an iPad holder or stand with anti-theft features. Allowing staff and customers unlimited access to valuable tablet devices can increase the risk of theft, so ensuring that your iPad is safe at all times is a must. Thankfully, most modern iPad floor stands come with multiple security features.

For example, the enclosure of an anti-theft iPad stand should have a strong exterior that cannot easily be cracked or broken. As an added security, the enclosure should have some kind of lock and key mechanism to ensure that only someone with the key can remove the iPad from the stand. Finally, the entire stand should have a strong security cable or mounting options so that it can be firmly secured to the floor, making it virtually impossible to move without the right tools.

iPad Floor Stands With Shelves

Not all iPad floor stands just hold an iPad or similar tablet. In fact, there are many rolling and stationary floor stands with shelves that can serve multiple functions. These are especially common to see in the healthcare industry, as a mobile iPad floor stand with a basket or shelves can help doctors and nurses attend to patients in different locations with greater efficiency. The additional storage space of a medical workstation can be used to store sanitary materials, patient records, stethoscopes, and other small medical devices.

However, just because an iPad floor stand can move on wheels or store more items does not mean that it has to be used in a hospital or clinic. You can also benefit from an iPad floor stand with shelves in other businesses and industries. Adding storage space to your floor stand simply makes it easier to accomplish a wide range of tasks while also keeping your iPad securely attached to a standing or mobile workstation.

iPad Floor Stands With Wheels

As previously mentioned, many medical professionals use rolling iPad floor stands to move throughout a clinic or hospital with their medical workstation. However, if you just want a standard tablet floor stand with wheels, this allows you to have your iPad on the move, ensuring that you can use it for a wide range of functions.

If you want to have your iPad set up at the entrance for customers to sign in, you can do so. When customers are ready to checkout, you can just move the rolling iPad stand to the checkout area and complete transactions as needed. No matter how you choose to use your iPad, a floor stand with wheels makes it much easier to take advantage of your device in virtually any location.

Floor Stand Branding

Finally, you should not consider implementing a tablet or iPad floor stand without thinking about the potential branding opportunities. Consumers want to see businesses that have shifted their processes into the modern era. iPad floor stands offer a great way to make your business look and feel more modern, while also making various business processes easier and more efficient.

For example, you can establish multiple iPad “stations” to serve different purposes within your store. One or two can allow customers to find information about products and services that you offer, while you can also set up floor stand iPad stations at checkout to quickly finalize purchases. All of these elements signal to consumers that your business is modern, efficient, and tech-savvy.

However, these are not the only ways to improve your branding with tablet floor stands. In addition to their appeal as modern displays, you can also use the stands themselves to reflect the tone and image of your business. You can customize your floor stand to include your business name, logo, or other pertinent information.

Moreover, each iPad gives you nearly limitless opportunities to showcase different elements of your business. You can use iPad displays to showcase videos of your products or services in action. Alternatively, you can have iPads that show timely sales or event information. If you don’t want to go to the extra effort of creating branding material just for your iPad stands, you can also just have one or more iPads display your business name or logo. This is by far the fastest and simplest way to improve your branding and make your store more visually appealing at the same time!

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to use iPad floor stands to your advantage. Again, you can always use them in the comfort of your own home, but they can do so much more if you want to improve your business. From speeding up checkout to enhancing your branding, iPad floor stands can help you accomplish a wide array of goals without breaking the bank. It all comes down to what kind of image you want to display to consumers and how you want your staff and customers to interact with your portable devices.

We hope you found our iPad floor stand guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad floor stand for your home or business? Do you want a high-quality iPad floor stand to make your brand really stand out from the crowd? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Stands For Retail Guide

Over the past few years, businesses of all sizes have begun transitioning from human labor to direct device-to-consumer interaction. This is particularly true when it comes to the retail space, where labor is one of the primary overhead expenses for business owners. With new and evolving technology, businesses can now guide consumers through the entire shopping process with little to no human interaction. While this may not be ideal for every business, it does help cut costs and make the flow of transactions far more efficient.

So, how can businesses use technology to cut down on labor costs and improve the customer experience? There are various answers to this question, but one of the primary solutions is the implementation of iPad stands. With an iPad or tablet stand, customers can enter a store and begin selecting what kind of experience they want. They can even request help from an actual employee if they prefer face-to-face, human interactions.

And this is just the starting point. iPad stands also make the checkout process far easier for both cashiers and customers. Rather than using old-fashioned cash registers and outdated operating systems, businesses can simply use tablets at each checkout counter, making it faster and easier to finalize each purchase.

However, you may still be wondering how iPad and tablet stands can improve your retail business. So, in today’s guide, we will discuss exactly how to find the best iPad stands to meet your business’s needs. Additionally, we will cover some of the most common and practical uses of both tablet devices and iPad stands in a retail environment.

Selecting The Best iPad Stand For Your Retail Store

If you are unsure what kind of iPad stand would be best for your business, you are not alone. Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle to weigh the pros and cons of different kinds of tablet stands. Fortunately, there are a few common types of iPad stands with features that cater to the specific needs of both businesses and consumers. Let’s take a closer look at some of your best options:

  • Floor Stand – As the name implies, a floor stand is an iPad holder with a base that stands on the floor Some floor stands are mobile, insofar as you can just pick them up (or even roll them if they have wheels) and change their location as needed, while others can be mounted to the ground for greater security. Either way, floor stands can either be a fixed height or adjustable. For retail businesses, floor stands are usually best at the entrance of your shop or in areas where customers may need to search for information at various points in the shopping process.
  • Wall Mount – A wall mount allows you to attach your iPad or tablet to a vertical surface like a wall. Though wall mounts are not quite as versatile as floor stands, they do give you the ability to take advantage of tablets without using up a lot of floor space. So, if your retail business is lacking in available space, wall mounts are a great option. Additionally, wall mounts are typically combined with anti-theft cables to make them extremely difficult or even impossible to steal.
  • Desktop Stand – Lastly, a desktop tablet stand is one of the most common and popular models for retail businesses. This is due to the fact that desktop stands can easily be set up at checkout counters and can replace existing systems used for processing purchases. However, desktop stands are not only used for finalizing payments. They can also be used at virtually any step in the shopping process, with the option to have even greater portability than floor stands.

Now that we have covered the basic types of iPad stands, let’s look at a few additional factors and features to consider:

  • Anti-Theft – As previously mentioned, security is one of the primary concerns when you have high-value iPads and tablets at various locations throughout your store. Fortunately, the vast majority of iPad stands come with anti-theft cables, locks, or fixed mounts that make them safe at any time of day or night.
  • Positioning – Many businesses keep tablets in a fixed position, but having the ability to change the angle of your iPad can make it far easier for both staff and customers to use it. For this reason, you should consider looking for stands that include a durability swivel, gooseneck mounts, or rotating capabilities.
  • Waterproof – A waterproof or splash-proof tablet stand may not be at the top of your priority list, but if you are located in an area that experiences frequent rainstorms, it is an important factor to consider. Additionally, you never know when your building could experience a water leak that could potentially put all of your electronic equipment, including tablets, at risk.
  • Branding – Finally, iPad stands that allow you to customize their visual appeal offer a great way to increase your overall branding. If the visual design of your iPad stand does not match the aesthetic qualities of your brand or store, they could look out of place and hurt the first impressions of your customers. Instead, look for tablet stands that can be customized with different colors, logos, and designs. It’s also important to note that the iPad itself can be used to draw attention to your business or timely promotions with videos or other branding content.

iPad POS Stands

Most retail businesses use some kind of POS system to manage inventory, keep track of cash flow, and process transactions. Consequently, a point of sale stand is a popular option for businesses that want to manage all or most of their business processes in a single place. An iPad register stand or swivel stand can make it easy for cashiers to quickly process transactions with a few taps, and then easily turn the device around for signatures and other necessary customer information as needed. Nowadays, a large number of retail counters include some kind of 360-degree rotating iPad stand to improve and speed up the checkout process.

iPad Stands For Product Information

Though not quite as common as iPad stands at checkout, business owners can also use iPad stands at various checkpoints throughout their business to provide useful product information. For example, if a customer wants to know the price of a specific item, they can simply tap on a picture of the item or search for it by name using a nearby iPad stand. This form of customer self-service helps save on the time and expense of additional staff members to assist every customer.

iPad Stands For Digital Signage

Lastly, iPad stands offer a great way to have a digital display stand for your business. Customers do not even need to interact with the iPad stand; a digital signage stand can simply display information, logos, or even promotional videos. This can help you better customize your branding while giving your business a more modern aesthetic. Digital signage is also more likely to draw the eye and help bring in more customers when compared to more traditional signage.

We hope you found our iPad stands for retail guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad stand for your retail business? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Security Stand Guide

There are dozens of reasons to consider using an iPad stand for both commercial and personal use. In many cases, business owners implement iPad stands to modernize their business and provide their customers and clients with a more customized, streamlined experience. However, iPad stands are not just about aesthetics or efficiency. Business owners also want to make sure that their equipment (tablets and iPads) are protected. For this reason, iPad security stands have become an increasingly popular option, particularly in business environments with a lot of foot traffic and easy access to tablet devices.

In fact, before the introduction of security stands, many businesses were reticent to have iPads or other tablets freely available for staff or customers to use in their stores. Why? Because tablets are high-value devices that can be easily damaged, broken, or stolen. This means that security and damage protection are vitally important for business owners who want to use one or more tablets in their store. Fortunately, iPad security stands greatly reduce these risks, making it far easier to use tablets without any issues.

So, what kind of protection do iPad security stands actually provide? What different kinds of designs are available? If you are in the market for a secure tablet stand, where can you find high-quality security stands at affordable prices? In today’s guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s take a closer look at what we mean when we refer to an “iPad security stand.”

What Is An iPad Security Stand?

First, it is important to understand the basic elements of an iPad or tablet stand. In essence, an iPad stand holds and displays an iPad while also, in most cases, mounting the iPad to a fixed surface. Some tablet stands do not have fixed mounts, but instead are portable, allowing the device to be easily moved from one location to another. However, the vast majority of iPad stands have some kind of mounting mechanism to ensure that it can be fixed to a desk, wall, or even the floor.

An iPad security stand has all the same features of a standard iPad stand and adds additional anti-theft features. More specifically, these stands include locks, security mounts, and cables to prevent them from being removed from a given area without the right tool or key. iPad security stands are frequently designed to offer better protection to the device, with greater resistance to impact damage.

It is also important to note that iPad security stands encompass a wide array of products and designs. Some stands are mounted to the ground and stand firmly in one place, with the tablet at a comfortable height for staff or customers to use. Others are mounted to desks or countertops using cables or even screw-in bases. Alternatively, some iPad security measures do not include any “stands” at all, but instead simple locks or anti-theft cables that attach the device directly to a hard, immovable surface.

In the sections below, we will examine some of the different options at your disposal, including the pros and cons of different iPad security designs and products.

iPad Security Cable Lock

An iPad security cable lock allows you to keep your tablet secure in a given setting. For example, if you run a retail shop that uses iPads for customer checkout, you will want to ensure that those iPads do not suddenly go missing when your back is turned. A cable lock allows you to easily and discretely anchor the tablet to a fixed surface (like a desk or checkout counter) while still allowing for some movement and limited portability.

With an anti-theft cable, you can have complete freedom to dock your iPad in its respective mount or remove it as needed. So, if you want to have a customer fill out a survey or provide a signature, you can easily do it without risking the security of your tablet device. This is what makes anti-theft cables such a sought-after addition to iPad security stands. You get all the benefits of a traditional tablet stand with the freedom to maintain a certain degree of portability.

If you’re in the market for an iPad stand with a security cable lock, you can check out one of CTA’s desk mounts or security kiosks. Alternatively, if you don’t want a mounting device and just want to get a security cable for your tablet, you can opt for a locking cable with adhesive plate.

iPad Security Enclosures

Sometimes, you just want a fixed iPad holder that keeps your device in one place. You don’t want to deal with locks or heavy-duty cables; you just want to have a safe holder for your iPad. Fortunately, a tablet security enclosure makes this possible by keeping your iPad inside of a fixed space. This way, people cannot simply grab the tablet and walk away. Instead, they can only interact with it by touching the screen.

iPad security enclosures may not offer the same degree of protection as an anti-theft cable, as someone could theoretically walk off with the entire enclosure if it is not fixed to a surface using a mounting device or cable. However, a secure iPad enclosure does offer greater protection against fall damage. Additionally, it makes it less likely that you will lose your iPad or tablet to theft, although it is not always a fool-proof solution.

Dual Security iPad Stands

When you want to have maximum security for your tablet, you cannot go wrong with a dual security iPad stand. As the name implies, this form of iPad stand provides anti-theft and anti-impact security via two different mechanisms. Typically, a dual security stand has an enclosure to make the iPad less susceptible to damage, while also including a locking cable or mounting mechanism to keep it anchored to one place.

Free-standing iPad holders always come with the risk of being stolen, which is why a fixed mount is a far more secure option. Whether you have it mounted to the floor, the wall, or a horizontal surface (like a desk or table), you can rest easy knowing that the combination of a secure enclosure and an anti-theft lock or cable is keeping your tablet completely protected.

The design of your iPad stand will determine exactly how you can protect and access your device. Some stands use a lock and key mechanism (in addition to an enclosure), while others use a screw-in cable and mounting plate. Either way, dual security iPad stands offer the best security option for most business owners.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, an iPad security stand is far more than a simple clasp to keep your tablet in one place. There are various designs and security measures that can be implemented to ensure that your device is theft-proof and far less likely to be damaged by being dropped or mishandled. Additionally, many iPad security stands are sleek and modern in their design, allowing you to improve the overall look of your business, make business processes more efficient, and keep your commercial equipment safe — all at the same time!

We hope you found our iPad security stands guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad security stand for your business? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

Medical Kiosk Guide

In the realm of medicine, timing and efficiency are vitally important. From collecting patient information to identifying medical emergencies, every task in a hospital, clinic, or similar medical facility needs to be swift, accurate, and compliant with state and federal regulations. For this reason, medical administrators are increasingly turning to mobile tech devices to help them collect and store information, interact with patients, diagnose health issues, and provide a safe and comfortable experience for everyone involved, from patients and families to orderlies, nurses, and doctors.

The medical kiosk is an integral but often overlooked part of modern medical practice. While medical kiosks have been around in some form or another for decades, they have taken on new functions in recent years, thanks in large part to advancing technologies. So, in today’s guide, we are going to take a closer look at medical kiosks and how they can help improve a medical facility’s workflow, budget, and patient interactions.

What Is A Medical Kiosk?

Generally speaking, a medical kiosk is any kind of station that can help doctors, nurses, or orderlies manage day-to-day tasks using a computer, iPad, or comparable tablet. This is a rather broad definition, as medical and healthcare kiosks can come in all shapes and sizes. Some are mobile while others are stationary. Some are better equipped for a small medical office while others are designed to handle the increased demands of a large hospital.

Most medical kiosks are mobile, as this works in tandem with the nature of healthcare work. Sometimes a patient on one side of a large facility needs assistance while a patient on the other end of the hospital needs to be checked in. Having more than one medical kiosk ensures that nurses and orderlies do not have to do twice as much work just to provide quality care to their patients.

Regardless of the environment, most medical-grade kiosks need to have a few essential elements to fulfill their primary function. First and foremost, these types of medical stations need to have some kind of mounting kit or standalone kiosk to hold a tablet or computer. This way, both medical professionals and patients can use the device to input or evaluate important information. Additionally, mobile medical kiosks often have space to place additional equipment or sanitary products like anti-microbial hand sanitizer and soap dispensers.

Patient Check-In Kiosks

Medical kiosks can serve different functions based on how they are designed, where they are placed, and the needs of the individual facility. One common type of kiosk for healthcare facilities is the medical check-in kiosk. Essentially, this provides a station either in the lobby or waiting room for the patient sign-in process. With an electronic patient check-in station, you help save the time needed for nurses or secretaries to juggle multiple patient check-ins at the same time while also trying to fulfill their other duties.

A self-check-in kiosk also ensures that the info provided is automatically submitted into your clinic or facility’s database. Traditionally, patients enter, approach the front desk, provide their names, and fill out forms while they wait to see a doctor. Then, the attending nurse or staff member has to manually input that information from the forms into the facility’s virtual system. With a patient check-in kiosk, this process is made much more efficient and user-friendly, as the patient can input all of their information and check in without having to go through multiple steps.

This is not to say that check-in kiosks will completely eliminate the need for a front-desk nurse or secretary. Many older patients or patients with physical disabilities may struggle to use a medical kiosk, in which case a staff member can come to help them complete the check-in process. However, for the vast majority of facilities, having at least one check-in kiosk will greatly increase workflow efficiency and make check-in a breeze for many patients.

Telemedicine Kiosks

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has become an increasingly safe and popular option for both patients and medical professionals. Telemedicine allows doctors and patients to interact virtually through video calls. Patients can discuss any issues or symptoms they are experiencing with their doctor, and their doctor can provide a diagnosis, prescription, or treatment plan. With hospitals that are increasingly understaffed, telemedicine may just become the most common form of healthcare in the years to come.

So, what does all of this have to do with medical kiosks? The fact is that most doctors and medical professionals are being pulled in a thousand different directions at the same time. They have a lot of patients to see, forms to fill out, data to evaluate, and the list goes on and on. A telehealth kiosk gives doctors the ability to have a quiet, private discussion with their patients from virtually any location. Rather than a doctor having to be seated in his or her personal office to have a video call from their work computer, they can use a telemedicine kiosk to work from home or any private space in a healthcare facility.

To make telemedicine kiosks even more useful, they can be equipped with important devices and equipment that can help doctors evaluate their patient’s needs — even from a distance. Mobile medical devices, as well as reference material for the patient’s medical history, can ensure that doctors are prepared for every telehealth session. Naturally, a high-quality tablet or computer with headphones and video capabilities is also essential. This way, patients who have trouble leaving their homes or are currently contagious can talk to their doctors from a distance.

Medical Workstations

As previously mentioned, medical kiosks and medical workstations are essential for just about any modern medical facility. They are particularly important in larger hospitals, where medical equipment must be moved from one room to another on a regular basis. A hospital workstation on wheels is also extremely versatile, as it can be used for a variety of purposes, from delivering food trays to checking patients’ blood pressure.

Since they are so versatile, it is important to note that there are many kinds of medical workstations on wheels that serve different purposes. The vast majority of medical workstations have multiple functions. Perhaps they have an EKG machine to check for any heart conditions, a tablet to record important data, a storage basket for sanitary equipment (like extra masks or gloves), as well as additional devices based on the needs of patients in a given area of the facility.

In any case, it is impossible to overstate the importance of a medical mobile workstation. Without them, medical professionals would have to move individual devices one by one to each patient’s room. Moreover, they would have to record information on handheld devices, which could easily get lost or broken if not connected to a medical computer workstation. Just as a patient check-in kiosk helps improve workflow efficiency, a medical workstation ensures that doctors, nurses, and orderlies can conduct tests, record information, and treat patients with the solutions they need simply by bringing in a cart with all of the necessary equipment and data right at their fingertips.

We hope you found our medical kiosk guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for a medical kiosk for your clinic or healthcare business? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

iPad Kiosks – 10 Things To Look For When Buying

An increasing number of businesses are turning to tablets and iPads to fulfill their everyday needs. Not only does touch-screen technology make it faster for employees to complete various tasks, but it can also reduce staffing costs for business owners. Rather than having a person to manage walk-in customers, why not simply have an iPad at the ready where consumers can place an order or select the nature of their appointment?

For this reason, iPad kiosks have become a very popular way to make new technology readily available to both staff and customers alike. Not only are they practical and cost-effective, but iPad kiosks can also help your business look and feel more modern. However, this doesn’t mean that you should rush out and order the first kiosk that you can find. In fact, there are various factors that you should consider before buying one or more iPad kiosks for your business.

Anti-Theft Security

Having high-quality tech visible and readily available to the public requires you to take on a certain degree of risk. There is always the chance that a thief could come along to try to steal the tablet or the entire kiosk. Consequently, anti-theft security measures like a security mount or security stand should be at the top of your checklist. Even after business hours, you will want a way to secure your iPad kiosk with a lock. Fortunately, there are various locking mechanisms that are compatible with kiosks and allow you to protect your property in a matter of seconds.

Kiosk Mounting Style

There are several different kiosk mounting styles and dozens of variations on these styles to meet the needs of you, your staff, and your customers. For example, if you want to have an iPad available on a desk at the entrance of your business, you can opt for an iPad kiosk desk stand. Alternatively, you may want to actually mount your iPad to the wall or an existing structure in your business. In this case, you have various wall mount options, clamp mounts, and mullion mounts. For medical facilities, you can even mount your iPad to a movable desk for easier mobile access.

However, the vast majority of companies like to have a standard iPad floor kiosk that really stands out and creates a clear flow of foot traffic for incoming customers. A floor stand does not take up a lot of space, but it gives everyone easy access to the tablet whenever they need it. You can either get a fixed floor stand or a readily movable stand for greater customization options in your business floor plan.


Adjustability can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your iPad kiosk. For example, taller or shorter customers may want angle adjustment capabilities to fit their needs. You can also solve this issue with a telescoping pole for iPad stands. Alternatively, if you want an iPad kiosk that can be rotated easily, you will want to look for a stand or mount with a 360-degree swivel. This is useful if you plan on using POS on your iPad and want staff to be able to look at the device before turning it to the customer for signatures, payments, or final approvals.

Fixed Location Or Moveable

Choosing between a moveable iPad kiosk or a kiosk in a fixed location is a difficult decision. Ultimately, it will come down to the kind of business you run and how your staff or customers interact with the iPad. If you use the iPad to swipe cards for payment, you may want it in a fixed location at the checkout area. On the other hand, if you need to bring the iPad to people in different rooms or areas of your business, you will almost certainly want a rolling kiosk with wheels. This way, you have an entire moving “station” that is designated for the iPad, which greatly reduces the risk of misplacing the iPad or having it damaged in transit from one spot to another.

Device Compatibility

Apple and other tablet manufacturers come out with new devices nearly every year. Sometimes, the size differences are minor, but other times, they could present a challenge to business owners who already have a kiosk. Therefore, you will want a kiosk that works with as many different models as possible. Moreover, if you plan on upgrading your iPad or tablet on a regular basis, you will want to ensure that your kiosk will remain compatible with new models as they come out. This usually means that you will need to have a mount that can handle iPads and tablets of varying sizes.


There is nothing worse than getting a stand or mount for an expensive device, only to have it break within a matter of weeks or months, potentially damaging your device in the process. For this reason, you should always evaluate the durability and the quality of the materials used to make your kiosk. Just doing a little extra research before you make your purchase could save you a lot of time and money in the future.


While it is not as common to have iPad kiosks outdoors or in areas close to water, you never know when a sudden accident could happen. A customer could spill a drink on your iPad kiosk, and if it is not splash-proof or water-resistant, you may have to pay out of pocket to replace your tablet (and even your kiosk). Thankfully, you can easily find water-resistant kiosks and mounts for your iPad.


In many cases, an iPad kiosk is one of the first things that a customer will see when they enter your store. So, why not customize it to fit the style of your business and your personal tastes? With most iPad kiosk vendors, you don’t get this kind of customization option when you place an order, but with CTA Digital, you can customize your kiosk to meet your specific wants and needs.


Naturally, just about every part of your business should reflect your brand in a positive light. However, it is not always easy to find spaces to promote and customize your brand identity (logos, contact info, etc). This is why it is a good idea to look for iPad kiosk providers like CTA Digital that offer customization options like custom printing or engraving to enhance your in-store branding.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you should always do a bit of research on a provider before buying any important products for your business. This includes iPad kiosks. If a company has a lot of negative reviews or virtually no online presence, you may want to think twice about working with them. Additionally, while doing your research, there are a few important questions to ask. For example, does the company stand firmly behind the quality of its products? Does the company have the staying power to provide customer support in a few years’ time? Finally, do other people and businesses look upon the business favorably? Fortunately, with CTA Digital, the answer to all of these questions is “yes.”

We hope you found our iPad kiosks purchasing guide both useful and informative. Are you ready to start shopping for an iPad or tablet kiosk for your business? If so, be sure to reach out to the experts at CTA Digital today!

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