CTA Helping Combat COVID-19

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Allina Health

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the healthcare industry is constantly seeking innovative ways to treat patients – all while keeping doctors, nurses, and hospital staff members as safe as possible.

CTA Digital is ready to lend a hand – with our stands.

Allina Health in Minneapolis (and many other hospitals throughout the nation) has placed a Heavy-Duty Security Gooseneck Floor Stand beside each Emergency Room bed. Equipped with an Android Tablet, each stand provides a way for doctors to connect with patients – via video conferencing.

This social-distancing method has several benefits. During the thick of the pandemic, video conferencing with patients has conserved PPE like gloves, masks, and gowns. In addition, hospital systems like Allina have been able to maintain a high quality of personalized care – all while preventing unnecessary exposure to the COVID-19 virus.





CTA Digital’s products help encourage social distancing and sanitizing practices in schools, hotel lobbies, professional buildings, retail facilities, medical offices, and other public spaces. Our Premium Locking Sanitizing Station Stands provide dispensers for hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, wipes, and more. Heavy-Duty Security Gooseneck Floor Stands equipped with Android and iPad tablet devices allow face-to-face communication while maintaining social distance. Our Premium Thin Profile Floor Stand with Security Enclosure and Automatic Soap Dispenser helps customers prevent the spread of virus or other germs.

To learn more or discuss ways CTA Digital can help your business slow the spread of COVID-19, Contact our Customer Service Team today.

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