Flat-Folding Tabletop Security Stand for Tablets

The Perfect Kitchen Tablet CompanionThis tablet stand was such a successful and interesting design that it has become a permanent part of our catalog, but its origins were in a custom request. The client liked the security and maneuverability of our existing kiosk stands, but they needed a kiosk design that was capable of folding completely flat against a counter or tabletop for use by line cooks in a commercial kitchen.

Streamline Your KitchenBeginning with the aspects of existing models that the client already liked (the enclosure, the flexibility, the security), we began experimenting with a few options to satisfy the request. We conferred with the customer with each new prototype, listening to their feedback and looking for ways to improve the design. Finally, we arrived at a clean, elegant, and attractive solution. We liked it so much that we added it to our catalog.

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