Security Mount for Panasonic CF-20

Multiple customers in high-impact, fast-paced industrial environments have contacted us looking for anti-theft mounting solutions for the Panasonic CF-20, an industry leading choice for rugged laptops. One customer intended to mount the device to a pole on a stock picker, while another wanted it mounted directly onto a wall in an auto repair shop. Both were concerned with stability and theft protection. With a little experimentation, our team was able to develop a holder that was safe, user friendly, and easy to install in both applications.
Our solution starts with a durable metal support tray, outfitted with no-slip rubber grip pads and 360-degree rotation, safely cradling the laptop for comfortable use at any angle. At the rear of the tray is a sliding security bracket, which locks the laptop in place, preventing unwanted removal without a key. We realized that power would likely be a concern for our customers, so we attached a hollow support arm to the tray for easy charge cable routing.
Since our customers were mounting the laptop onto differently shaped bases, we needed to come up with a pair of solutions. First, we developed a powerful tension-adjustable grip holder that could easily attach onto the pole of the stock picker with a completely drill-free installation. For the auto shop customer, we built a simple VESA ready wall-mounting base that could either install directly onto the wall of their garage or interface with other VESA compliant equipment.
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