Warehouse Cart Laptop Arm and Locking Storage Box

This unique design arose from a very specific set of requests. The client wanted an all-in-one laptop mount and storage solution for large warehouse carts.

The client’s stock workers were using laptops to log information on the warehouse floor.They required easy access to their laptops from all sides of the cart, including while on a ladder on one of the cart’s sides. Handling these laptops in this position was awkward, unsafe, and often left the laptops in precarious positions. The customer was also concerned about theft, and wanted a means of keeping the laptops locked to the carts.

Our product development team started with a heavy locking box in which the workers could store their laptops and any other PC accessories they needed to keep on hand. Housed within this box was also a heavy, multi-jointed arm, flexible enough to extend all the way out and around the box, for visibility while workers were on the opposite side.

The arm could be folded neatly back into the box when not in use.

At the end of this arm was a no-slip, angle-adjustable laptop holder. This holder gripped the laptop at multiple points preventing any risk of drops and enabling easy use from any position.

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