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Albertsons was looking to just revamp their infrastructure overall in many different
departments and connected with CTA Digital as we illustrated the multitude of solutions, options and customizations that we can provide to their diverse and environment specific needs and requirements.



  • We provided a customized articulating arm mount with extra security screws and corrosion-proof coating (PAD-CFWMHDRP), which they installed in their meat departments. It allowed for flexibility for the workers to work and check proper information as well as to withstand the hot steam environment as well as the meat particles that corrode items when they spray down the counters several times a day.


  • We provided a similar articulating corrosion-proof mount (PAD-CFALMRP) which attaches to table legs as it is against safety standards to have anything attach above a meat counter. This was a unique request and requirement for the PAD-CFWMHDRP articulating arm mount that needed to be paired with.


  • We provided cable locking cases (PAD-SCKT10) which were also customized to allow for easy mounting on the wall with low-cost carabiners, while keeping iPads from being lost or stolen. These solutions were deployed throughout various departments including the Deli, Bakery, Managers Offices, Meats and Seafood, and Starbucks.
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