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The Process

Customization from the Ground-Up

Customer Request

At CTA we help to simplify the customization process by providing professional support for consulting of concepts or simply taking a customer’s idea and walking through our flow of bringing the product to life

Tailored Solutions through Discussion

We engage through discussions to understand your use case, then we continue by brainstorming and cultivate customized solutions that precisely meet your needs

Rapid Rendering Turnaround

Our commitment to efficiency is reflected in our ability to provide fast and detailed renderings, facilitating quick decision-making

Swift 3D Printed Samples

Benefit from our agile production capabilities receiving 3D printed samples sometimes, depending on the product, as quick as 10 days. This helps accelerate the implementation and testing process.

Production Samples

We take pride in our ability to develop production samples and through coordination refine them until they meet all the requirements and highest measure of quality

Purchase Order

Upon receiving the purchase order, CTA has ample production lines to complete large quantity production runs much fasters than industry standard. This allows our customers to get their custom made solution produced and installed at record speed


Through a meticulously optimized process, we are able to swiftly and reliably deliver the products with one of the fastest lead times in the industry

Replenishment Plan

With strategic forecasting, proactive inventory management and agile supply chain solutions, CTA is able to ensure a continuous and reliable flow of products, empowering our clients with the confidence their demands will be met promptly and efficiently.


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