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Georgia Library

Georgia Library

In a bid to enhance their services and engage patrons more effectively, the Georgia Department of Human Services embarked on a transformative project. Their goal? To introduce welcome floor stand kiosks, complete with branded infrastructure and tablet-specific setups, across libraries statewide.

Navigating this ambitious endeavor presented unique challenges, particularly concerning device compatibility and customization. The Georgia DHS had experimented with various devices, switching models multiple times throughout the project's development. Consequently, CTA faced the task of customizing foams for each device iteration, as they deviated from the standard route.

Unlike traditional tablet setups, the chosen devices were Chromebooks, adding complexity to the customization process. Despite these challenges, CTA rose to the occasion, leveraging its expertise to deliver tailored solutions that aligned with the client's vision.

One of the standout features of CTA's solution was the ability to incorporate custom branding onto the floor stands, ensuring a cohesive and professional aesthetic across all library locations. Additionally, recognizing the importance of efficiency and convenience, CTA provided the added benefit of pre-assembling branding elements and foams prior to shipment, streamlining the implementation process for the Georgia DHS.

Moreover, CTA went above and beyond by meticulously sourcing charging cables that met the client's specific length and technical requirements. This attention to detail, coupled with competitive pricing options tailored to fit within the project's budget constraints, underscored CTA's commitment to delivering value-driven solutions.

Through collaboration and innovation, CTA played a pivotal role in the successful rollout of welcome floor stand kiosks and branded infrastructure within Georgia's libraries. By addressing the unique needs of the Georgia DHS with precision and ingenuity, CTA demonstrated its ability to turn challenges into opportunities for transformation and growth.

As libraries continue to evolve as hubs of community engagement and learning, partnerships with forward-thinking technology providers like CTA become invaluable. Together, we can harness the power of innovation to create enriching experiences and empower communities for years to come.

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