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Vehicle Mount with Inductive Charging Case Kit

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Vehicle Mount with Inductive Charging Case Kit


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For delivery drivers – or anyone who needs a wireless charging tablet case and stand combination for cars, commercial fleets, and trucks, look no further than CTA Digital’s Vehicle Mount with Wireless Inductive Charging Case Kit. The durable, splash-proof and drop-tested case features a powerful wireless charging back plate that prevents the need to remove the iPad to plug in a charging cable. The case sits securely on a multi-jointed tablet mount that’s easy to install onto – and remove from – any seat rail, all without the need to drill into your vehicle. This flexible, multi-jointed tablet mount keeps your tablet fully accessible.

The aluminum arm features tension-locking ball socket joints at the base and head, plus an additional rotating knee joint, giving you virtually infinite positioning options. To use, simply plug the power cable into your car’s power socket. Plug the case into your iPad’s charging port. When the inductive pads align, an electromagnetic field charges the battery. When ready to take your iPad with you, simply pop the case off the stand, slip your hand into the padded strap at the rear of the case, and you’re set. Rear magnets allow for easy return to a mounting stand.

  • Wireless charging function
  • Durable impact shielding
  • Rugged rubber construction
  • Splash resistant
  • Embedded magnet allows for quick mounting to the inductive charging dock
  • Allows full access to speakers, camera, and home button
  • Mounts to your vehicle’s seat rail with no drilling required
  • Two ball socket joints and one rotating knee joint
  • Specifications

    Package Includes


    • Overall Dimensions: 21H” x 4”L x 2”W
    • Weight: 3.37 lbs
    • Max Arm Length: 21”
    (1) Rugged rubber case with magnetic housing (1) Vehicle Mount (1) Inductive charging dock (1) Set of Hardware

    * CTA Digital's security products are designed to protect your device from theft. Products are made with high-quality materials, like reinforced heavy aluminum slots, steel cables, and secure lock-and-key systems. Where CTA Digital makes every effort to protect against destruction of or loss of property, we cannot guarantee, and cannot be responsible for any event that leads to the damage or theft of a device.