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Kickstand Handgrip Case for iPad with Security Enclosure Jacket

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Kickstand Handgrip Case for iPad with Security Enclosure Jacket


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Durability and security finally stop getting in the way of convenience with the Kickstand Handgrip Case with Security Enclosure Jacket for iPad. The sturdy key lock allows for total peace of mind, and the robust aluminum shell (which fits snugly around a protective plastic case) will keep your iPad free from scratches, dents, and other unsightly marks. That aluminum shell even serves two purposes: it can be fixed to a wall to function as a kiosk but is light enough to be carried around and serve as an extra-durable case.

Even the screen is protected with a touch-sensitive plastic window. In the back, a 360-degree rotating comfort handgrip allows you to keep a strong grip on your tablet in any situations. Ingeniously snuck inside the grip is a kickstand that easily pops out and supports your tablet on any desk or table, allowing you to use a Bluetooth keyboard like a laptop or simply enjoy some streaming television.

  • Sturdy key lock for security and peace of mind
  • 360-degree rotating comfort hand-grip for convenience and usability
  • Mounts easily to any wall or surface
  • Ultra durable metal and plastic case protects against drop damage
  • Plastic screen protect prevents unsightly blemishes or cracks
  • Kickstand allows hands-free use without needing to crane your neck
  • Specifications

    Package Includes


    • 10 ¼” x 8 1/8x 1 ¼”
    • Security Key Lock
    • Compatible with iPad Pro 9.7”
    • 2lbs
    (1) Aluminum security case (1) Protective case (2) Keys

    * CTA Digital's security products are designed to protect your device from theft. Products are made with high-quality materials, like reinforced heavy aluminum slots, steel cables, and secure lock-and-key systems. Where CTA Digital makes every effort to protect against destruction of or loss of property, we cannot guarantee, and cannot be responsible for any event that leads to the damage or theft of a device.