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Quick-Connect Dual Tablet Mount with Height-Adjustable Arms

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Quick-Connect Dual Tablet Mount with Height-Adjustable Arms


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If you need two iPads in close proximity, there are few stands that give you more options than the Quick Connect Dual Tablet Mount with Height-Adjustable Arms. CTA’s quick-connect grips allow you to snap your tablets on or off in seconds, and easily attach to any tablet up to 7” in width. Dual swiveling height-adjustable mounts all you 360 degrees of tablet rotation, making the devices viewable in landscape mode, portrait mode, or anything in between.

The hinges also sport total articulation, and the ability to quickly and easily adjust height so you can view the tablets from any angle. Our hefty base is designed to be stable, allowing you to easily swivel and adjust the tablets without knocking things off balance or putting your expensive devices in danger. Best of all, the sleek, matte-black styling is non-intrusive and minimalist, blending in with almost any design scheme or environment. The Quick-Connect Dual Tablet Mount is compatible with tablets up to 7” in width.

  • Quick-Connect tablet grip
  • Dual swiveling height-adjustable mounts
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Full articulation
  • Hefty stand prevents knock-over.
  • Sleek black styling.
  • Best use for food delivery and pickup services, healthcare facilities, virtual offices, telehealth and more
  • Capable of displaying in both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Specifications

    Package Includes


    • Dimensions: 11.25” (H), 13” (W) 8.25” (L)
    • Base Diameter: 8”
    • Tablet holder adjustment range: 6.5 — 10 inches
    • Weight: 3lb/ 11oz
    (1) Quick-Connect Dual Tablet Mount (2) Quick-Connect Grips

    * CTA Digital's security products are designed to protect your device from theft. Products are made with high-quality materials, like reinforced heavy aluminum slots, steel cables, and secure lock-and-key systems. Where CTA Digital makes every effort to protect against destruction of or loss of property, we cannot guarantee, and cannot be responsible for any event that leads to the damage or theft of a device.