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Smart Lock and Charge Locker Device Management System 30 Doors

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Smart Lock and Charge Locker Device Management System 30 Doors



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The CTA Smart Locker is a unique solution for grocery stores, warehouses, and all customers who need to safely charge and store phones and tablets. This locker is fully customizable to your business’ specific needs. The base model provides 30 individual lockers, each with its own USB-C and Lightening cable connection inside. Access to the lockers is controlled using software and when you provide the correct information through the tablet (tablet not included) mounted on the central panel, your individual locker will open giving you access to place or remove your equipment. With no handles on locker doors, everything is securely stored. Simply plug in the device and close the locker. By the beginning of the employee’s next shift, the device will be ready for use. Our solution works with an RFID scanning technology which avoids the hassle of standard lock and key cabinet systems. The RFID capabilities of the app will also use badge information to track employee access to the cabinets. All employee information can be controlled and tracked through the administrative IOS app for managers and store leaders. The locker is floor mounted. Cables can be neatly routed through the unit to keep workspaces tidy.

  • Standard thirty individual lockers
  • Customizable solution
  • Central lockable storage access panel
  • CTA software application controls locker access
  • RFID application capabilities for badge access
  • All wiring securely hidden in central access panel
  • USB-C and Lightning cable connection in each locker
  • Specifications

    Package Includes


    • Overall Dimensions: 5.64 ft x 4.77 ft x 1.37 ft
    • Weight: 310 lbs
    (1) Smart Locker with 30 USB-C and Lightening cables (1) CTA software application

    * CTA Digital's security products are designed to protect your device from theft. Products are made with high-quality materials, like reinforced heavy aluminum slots, steel cables, and secure lock-and-key systems. Where CTA Digital makes every effort to protect against destruction of or loss of property, we cannot guarantee, and cannot be responsible for any event that leads to the damage or theft of a device.